LaGrange Township Road Department
353 South Center Street LaGrange, Ohio 44050

Phone (440) 355-5141   Fax (440) 355-6277

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LaGrange Township Road Department operates and maintains 15.936 miles of township roads.  Currently the Road Department is housed at 353 South Center Street which is behind 355 South Center Street.  The Board recently purchased property on Biggs Road and will be developing that as the future Road Department and will be where all future Dumpster Days are held.

Township Roads are Webster Road, Wheeler Road, Biggs Road, Crook Street, Hidden Canyon, Rachael Drive, Whitney Road, Law Road, East Parkway, Chuckar Court, Meadow Lane and Kipton Nickle Plate to the township line.

 The Ohio Department of Transportation maintains the State Routes of 301 and 303.

The Lorain County Engineer maintains Indian Hollow, Vermont Street, Diagonal and Whitehead Road.​

​All travelers on the township roads, please remember that when you see a missing road sign or find a dangerous situation on any township roadway, you are asked to contact the township road department or a township trustee as soon as possible. Should you leave a message after hours, please remember to include your name and contact information so we can confirm the location and the needed repair.

We also ask that residents do not place leaves, brush or other yard debris in the ditches. This will restrict drainage from township roads. Please try to keep personal property far enough off the road right of way to ensure the township’s ability to maintain ditches and ensure everyone’s safety. Anyone digging of planting in the Right of Way (30 feet from road back on to property) on any township road must call the Lagrange Township Road and Bridge department before proceeding. The Township must review to assure no drainage pipe will be disturbed or destroyed.  


You must contact the proper authority, Township, County or State, prior to installing any road or ditch tile to obtain the proper permits and specifications. The Road Department provides dumpsters periodically for residents to dispose of unwanted items. Please call the Road Department for a listing of dates for upcoming dates.

Did you know the Republic Services trash truck’s mechanical arms can reach nine feet? PLEASE keep your trash bins three feet from the road to give the Road Department room to plow.

Anyone digging of planting in the Right of Way (30 feet from road back on to property) on any township road must call the Lagrange Township Road department before proceeding. The Township must review to assure no drainage pipe will be disturbed or destroyed.  

Road Department

Branch Chipping Policy

The LaGrange Township Road Department does provide a Branch Chipping Program to our residents.  From April through October branch chipping takes place on the second and fourth Monday of each month with the exception of May which will be picked up the last Tuesday.

Please note the following requirements for your branches to be picked up and chipped:
*Please call the Township Garage at 440-355-5141 to be placed on the chipping list.

*Brush must be from your residential address and not hauled in from another location

*If you have an open ditch in your front yard, you must place branches as close as possible to your driveway so the Road       personnel can safely get your branches to the chipping machine from the driveway.

*This service is for residential material; not for material left by a contracted tree service. Commercial tree cutting services and “For Hire” tree cutters must dispose of the trees and brush they cut and trim.

*This is for routine maintenance and pruning only.  No service for lot clearing or topping of trees.

*Excessive amounts of brush will be denied.  Final determination on size of acceptable load or pile of brush will be up to the     Road Department.

*Do not hinder traffic or pedestrians with the brush that you set out.  Do not put brush in the roadways!

*Leave branches as long as possible.  No branches shorter than three feet will be accepted.  Branches less than three feet in     length can be considered yard waste and placed in your trash container.

*Please have bush turned in the same direction with the cut ends facing the roadway and spread out.  Do not tie or bundle.

*Remove all roots, vines and stumps.  Dirt and stones in the brush may damage the chipper.
*Brush must not be larger than six inches in diameter.

*No special pickups will be made.

*No pickups will be made for materials on private property.  Brush must be in the right-of-way.

If you would like any of the fresh chipping materials, please contact the Road Department at 440-355-5141 or by email at prior to chipping day.