Recycling Information


​​​​Please keep trash bins at least 3 feet from the paved road surface.  The trash trucks’ collection arms can reach 8’ off the road and bins in the road make snow plowing and road work difficult.




Cemetery Clean-up
Please remove any decorations you wish to keep by March 15 and October 15.  Items that are in poor condition will be disposed of. No permanent plantings are allowed in the cemeteries.  The Township is not responsible for decorations.  Please read the Cemetery Regulations on the Cemetery tab.


Brush Chipping

Township personnel chip brush and limbs on the second and fourth Monday of the month.  Please call 355-5141 to have your address put on the list.

For a complete guide see our Brush Chipping Policy.  Click on "Road Department" at the top of the page to go to our Road Department informational page.



This year the township wide garage sale weekend will be held June 24,25,26.  No permits will be necessary for sales held on these days.  Please remember to take down all signs for the event when complete.

 Dumpster Days

The dates for the Dumpster Days in 2021 are:


​ This will be held at  40801 Biggs Road. This is for Lagrange Township residents only which includes village and Pheasant Run residents. Id's will be checked.
We will have a minimal crew on hand, who will be limiting interaction with residents. You will either be asked to remain in your vehicle while we unload your items or you will be directed where to go and you can unload your own items into a dumpster.
Please be patient and expect longer wait times than normal.


As usual, Residents may bring scrap metal and general trash but no garbage. Batteries will no longer be accepted.

Some residents have abused the prohibition on construction debris in the past and the Trustees reserve the right to reject any load not deemed acceptable.


LaGrange Township will not accept the following:
Tires with or without steel rims
Electronics; televisions, computers, printers, phones, or any electronic devices, batteries, paints, pool chemicals or solvents
Contractors scrap from jobs, Propane tanks, any type of refrigerant



LaGrange Township reserves the right to refuse all or part of your load.

2021 bulk calendar schedule:

3rd full week of the month on your regular service day
Thursday January 21, 2021           Thursday July 22, 2021     

Thursday February 18, 2021         Thursday August 19, 2021
Thursday March 18, 2021             Thursday September 23, 2021
Thursday April 22, 2021                Thursday October 21, 2021
Thursday May 20, 2021                Thursday November 18, 2021
Thursday June 24, 2021               Thursday December 23, 2021

Republic Services Holiday Schedule:

Services will be delayed by a day if your service day falls on or after the holiday.
New Year Day - Friday January 1, 2021
Memorial Day - Monday May 31, 2021
Independence Day  -Sunday July 4, 2021 Republic closed Monday July 5, 2021
Labor Day - Monday September 6, 2021
Thanksgiving Day - Thursday November 25, 2021
Christmas Day-  Saturday December 25, 2021 will not affect any residential customers


Nexus Pipeline

The  Nexus Pipeline has been approved to start up.  To find out more about the pipeline, contact phone numbers and landowner information click on the link below to go to their website.


The Township Trustees are looking for residents in the unincorporated area to serve on the Board of Zoning Appeals.  These are paid positions of $45.00 per meeting.


Get involved in the community and give input in the future of how the township is developed.  Contact one of the trustees or submit a letter of interest.

Township or Village. Where do you live?

This question is asked all of the time and numerous phone calls have been with these questions - 

 Is Pheasant Run Village in the Village of LaGrange? 

 Why didn't the Township Road crew plow the parking lot next to Convenient? My car is stuck in the parking lot.

 I have a flooded basement on Railroad Street. Can the township come out and see what is wrong?

 Where do I pay Township RITA tax?

 I need a permit for a fence on Loperwood Lane.

My electric is off on Parklane Drive is the township coming out to fix it?

How do I get ahold of someone in the village offices?

Village office Phone Number - 440-355-5555 or 440-355-5575

     This subject has always been confusing but the answer is simply - What kind of service do you need?  Everyone in Ohio technically lives in a township, though many people live in “paper townships”:  towns and cities whose boundaries are identical to or consume those of a township, thus effectively eliminating the township.  Villages such as the LaGrange are not larger than their townships meaning residents are under both governments and pay taxes to both village and township. 

     If you live inside the village limits you are under the jurisdiction of the Village Council and the LaGrange Police Department.  They  maintain all roads, water and sewer issues and building inside the village.  They also have information on the Village Income Tax they collect through the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA). Their website is  If it is after regular office hours and you have a village emergency please contact the Police Department at 355-4469 and they will relay the message.

    Township Dumpster Days are held twice a year at the new location, 40801 Biggs Road.  This event is hosted by township trustees and it is open to all residents of the township, which include the village of LaGrange and Pheasant Run Village.  

     If you live outside of the village limits, which includes Pheasant Run Village, you live in the township and  you follow rules set by the Township Trustees as well as your HOA. These include building and zoning permits.

     In the township, but outside village limits, there are State Highways, which are maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation, County roads which are maintained by the Lorain County Engineer and township roads which are maintained by the Township Trustees.  A list of these roads can be found by clicking on Road Department at the top of this page.

     The Township also cares for three cemeteries in the township.  The residents that live in the village are also residents of the township and receive the "resident" rate for lots when purchased in township cemeteries.  These  rates can be found on the website under Parks and Cemetery above. 

     The Township maintains the Veteran's Memorial Park on West Main and also organizes the events held there on Memorial Day and Veteran's Day.  After the incorporation of the village in  1875 the center of the village square where Sherman stands remained under the township's ownership.  The LaGrange Community Park is owned jointly by the village and township and each contribute annually to the Park Board for maintenance costs.   The two local governments  constructed a street through the 40 acres off of 301 to provide access to the new Keystone High School.  This street also formed the Community Improvement Corporation owned by the village and township and whenever all of the lots are sold, the revenue from the sale of properties in the business park will  be divided between the two entities after all costs have been paid.  The Township does not collect income tax from these businesses, however currently the Village does collect a 1.5% workplace employment tax.

     LaGrange Fire and Rescue is operated by the Township Trustees.  Because the village is in the township residents pay into the tax levies which provide funding to the department.  For township and village residents there is no charge for the use of the Fire and EMS services, however, those receiving service that reside outside of the township or village are billed full cost for the service.

     The area outside of the village is provided police protection by the Lorain County Sheriff.  

     Hopefully some of your questions are answered here.  If not please inquire for more information.