Zoning Department

All Zoning Permits must be obtained through the township. Please contact Zoning Inspector Vince Sigmund at

355-5997 or by e-mail at vsigmund@radiometeramerica.com

Zoning permits are required for all buildings, additions, pools, decks, driveway pipes, garage sales and fences.  Please check with the Zoning Inspector, Vince Sigmund prior to any construction.  Fees  will be doubled if building is done prior to obtaining a permit.

​​Zoning Commission

​LaGrange Township Zoning Fees

Did You Know that anyone in the County that disturbs 1 acre or more of soil needs a  Erosion and Sediment Control Permit from the County Soil & Water per EPA Rules (except agricultural interests).  

Contact Soil & Water for more information or see:  

Construction can not begin without this permit!!

IncumbentPosition / Term. Ends
Roger Bender12/31/2018
Roger Kuhl12/31/2020
Ron Pickworth12/31/2021
Randy Lindsey12/31/2019
Paul Glover12/31/2017
Mike PiscioneAlternate
Terry KnepperSecretary

Zoning Inspector - Vince Sigmund     440-355-5997

Assistant Zoning Inspector - Roberta Moore     440-759-3155


Zoning Board of Appeals

IncumbentPosition / Term. Ends
Vic Long12/31/2019
Frank Lupinski12/31/2021
Paul Smith12/31/2017
Jody Zalka12/31/2020
Daniel Moore12/31/2018
Jim KnepperAlternate
Ed BurkeAlternate
Roberta MooreSecretary